Rhetorical Analysis Memo

rhetorical-framework-5-728A rhetorical analysis memo is a examination of how someone markets themselves on the web. To analyze a LinkedIn profile, you have to create a LinkedIn account. Then you want to make the following considerations

  • What makes the resume exciting to potential employers?
  • How does the credentials of the resume fit the requirements for the job?
  • Who is the audience to the resume?

Sarah Bibi’s resume is not only a list of credentials but also tells a story about her path. Her interests and life path. The reason that Sarah Bibi is likely to be employed by various employers because of her knowledge and her work experience. Sarah got a Bachelor of Law at The University of Manchester and had extensive experience as a Legal Advisor before realizing she wanted to get into English Education. Sarah got her PGCE in English Education before getting her Master’s in Education and Leadership. Her willingness to try hard at whatever she does and her realization of what she wants to do in life shows that she has the passion and drive to succeed in her occupation.

Sarah also has both volunteer and work experience. She volunteered at Teach First from July 2015 up until now helping underprivileged students in Britain. She works as a staff governor at her school in her free time to ensure good working conditions. Sarah also has worked as a teacher at her school as an English and Law and Society teacher. Sarah has found a way to include all the things she is interested in into a good amount of work experience that ensures that she will get hired in another position should she look somewhere else.

Overall, this profile has an incredible amount of effectiveness. Sarah’s education and work experience prove that she is qualified for the job. Sarah has had a habit of staying in one place, which may mean that she might not be as adaptable to new situations. Her commitment to her path in her career shows a potential employer that she knows what she is doing and has a plan for where she wants to go in life. Looking at her profile has taught me that you can make diversions in your interests in life but an overall consistency in what she is doing will make her look more credible and professional than many other teacher LinkedIn profiles.

In analyzing Sarah Bibi’s LinkedIn profile, we want to make some considerations.

  • She did not work at more than one location. Having a diversity of job experience, such as teaching at different locations that have different rules, is a way of showcasing to other people that you care about what you are doing by being able to adapt to a variety of situations. Adapting is important and unfortunately, Sarah does not fit the expectation. She has not adapted to more than one teaching job at one location.
  • We want to analyze how having an internship in Law prepared Sarah for an English career. We can guess that she had a lot of definitions, terms and had to practice wording as to work towards that career. What can be inferred from Sarah having a degree in Law and not liking that career is that she found a love for language instead.
  • Lastly, we want to consider that Sarah still had been educated at one university and that teaching is her first job. Sarah has not made a dramatic career change or have gone out of her comfort zone. Though job security may be important in getting a job, it does not equate a passionate drive for Education that would get her a fantastic position. Perhaps you have to get out of your comfort zone and have some career uncertainty to get the job you want. While Sarah, like myself, has had some uncertainty about her career – it’s not enough to get multiple teaching positions at other jobs. Someone more likely to get the job rather than her would be someone who had a lot of career experience and found that she wanted to do teaching after all – perhaps over the course of 5 to 10 years.

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