Elevator Pitch


An elevator pitch summarizes what would go on a resume for someone who doesn’t have time to read about you, but could possibly decide that you are worth investing into based on what they hear in a conversation. This event of impressing another person, perhaps an expert in your field or the head of a big company, could happen at anytime. It’s important then to be prepared at any moment to market yourself. To think of the world as stage and you as the actor auditioning of the part.

Steps to writing your brand / elevator pitch

  1. State your brand
  2. List three characteristics or accomplishments that support your brand
  3. Under each characteristic, provide two examples / stories / illustrations

I am a student dedicated to all aspects of understanding and improving the education process through cross-the-discipline methodology and in-depth knowledge of the intersection of rhetoric, literature and language. My major in English Education and my minor in Educational Psychology provides me with understanding of multimodal composition, the effects of personal psychology in the learning process, the benefits of cross-pedagogy and how literature benefits our understanding of the world. I can also use my language skills in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, as well as my understanding in other majors, to have perception in how education has an obligation to prepare for real world careers. My love of narrative writing, rhetoric, literature, language, education and psychology has prepared me to know what I am passionate about in a career and that I am committed to all aspects of the learning process. As a teacher I will perceptive to all factors in the education process.

Some things to consider when evaluating my elevator pitch

  • I did not demonstrate thinking about the future. I only demonstrated my thinking about job security. What do I want to try to do? What outcome do I dream about reaching? In my own discipline, it could be wanting to experiment with multimodal composition, to include multicultural perspectives, and/or to demonstrate a new approach or paradigm to education that could revolutionize the field. It’s not enough to say “I have perception in how education has an obligation to prepare for the real world.” How can I help others prepare for the real world? How can I incorporate real world understanding into the classroom? Demonstrating that I have ideas about what I want to experiment with and learn in the classroom demonstrates that I am into improving the field itself, not my wallet.
  • What am I giving to other people? Can I look into my circle of friends and colleagues to be able to say that I am a team player, that I am bringing something to the table? Improving my own social circle and not being driven by individual concerns can help when I need social support to implicate my credibility for a job position.
  • To talk about my interests and why I like them. Sure I’ve written stories, read books, and learned multiple languages. Why, though, do I like those things? It’s important that I show that I have a passion for what I am doing. That I show that I enjoy writing stories and to describe why I like it. To think critically about Tolstoy and Bronte, why I liked them both, and why their pieces of work changed my life. To understand how understanding languages like Spanish and Chinese can enhance knowledge in English Education. What am I interested in? Are my interests aligned with my desired career? If not, there is a problem and perhaps I really do need to re-evaluate what I am doing. If so, I need to understand what it is in my career that I really am interested in. Syllabi, pedagogy, composition, literature, psychology? Why? What I answer will determine if and what job I get.

Let’s pretend I have a really effective elevator pitch due to my invaluable work experience. I will make up some work experience and we will see if that makes a difference in the elevator pitch.

I am an open-minded leader committed to effective pedagogical strategies in education. I have got on the honor roll every year and have been a leader in a special academic society. I have worked as a Resident Assistant in dormitories – planning events and providing conflict resolution for disagreeing residents. I have also practiced tutoring to special needs youth and tutoring English to second-language speakers.

Already, that speaks gold. It means that I am a leader, a task-manager and take opportunities where I can get them. While I haven’t been able to juggle opportunities like this ideal person could, it is an effective indicator to those who have had leadership positions and responsibilities to list them wherever they can. However, the major flaw is that I don’t talk about why I am wanting to teach. Now, I will talk about why I am interested in teaching, what I want to try and what I want to give to other people as well.

I am open-minded to the variety of strategies and pedagogies that can be effective in the classroom to promote efficient learning. I have made sure to take the time to understand my subjects. I have taken leadership opportunities in order to practice conflict-managing skills and learning to work with other people. I have tutored English as a Second Language, as well as to Special Needs kids in order to learn about the  differences in learning that play effect in the classroom. I want to become a teacher so that I can help other people and since it is what makes me happy and fulfilled, I will not let you down.

More effective than the last because it’s not the what but the why that counts. So now with all we have learned in mind, let’s see what it is like when I rewrite my elevator pitch.

I desire a teaching position where I can play a hand at improving the education process by utilizing methods of rhetoric, literature, language and psychology. I have made sure to learn from my major in English Education and minor in Educational Psychology what a love of learning and a powerful verbal-linguistic intelligence looks like. I know that by getting the job, I will be able to help other people and feel fulfilled in my career. 

Simple and straight to the point.

  • What I plan to do
  • What I know
  • Why I am interested

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