teacher-resume-example-emphasis-2-full.pngA resume is an application of which highlights the strengths of an individual as to attract a future employer.

Laura Bratisax

Committed to promoting a love of language and learning in adolescents


Alpharetta Public Library, Alpharetta, Georgia -Volunteer


Shelved the books in the young-adult and children’s reading section.

Campania Pizzeria Napoletana, Alpharetta, Georgia – Hostess


Greeted guests at the door. Sat them down at tables as assigned to each waiter and waitress.

Zola’s Italian Restaurant, Alpharetta, Georgia – Hostess


Greeted guests and sat them at the table. Helped clean up dirty tables at closing hour.

Statesboro Humane Society, – Statesboro, Georgia – Volunteer


Sorted the retail clothes for the economically disadvantaged by color and size.



Milton High School, Milton, Georgia

August 2009 – May 2013

Was in Multicultural Club and Gay-Straight Alliance. Sung in Women’s Select Choir and Company B of Alpharetta Ballet Company after two years in both groups. Skipped ahead in Spanish due to advanced knowledge from middle school and became really proficient in it.


Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia

July 2013-December 2015

Explored every church in Statesboro but settled into Catholic Eagles and Meditation Club. Took a year and a half of Mandarin Chinese. Volunteered at Statesboro Humane Society. Took some courses like Media and Society and Communications that I thought would go to a degree in Public Relations, before realizing that I wanted to teach instead of work in corporate.

Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia — B.S. English Education, Minor in Educational Psychology

August 2015 – May 2018

Began my major courses in my second semester. Realized that I was as much interested in how people learn as well as linguistic education, so I added Educational Psychology as a minor. Took a wide variety of courses during my degree – learning a little bit of psychology, literature, rhetoric and education courses.



Stories and Poems

Stories about an imaginary world called Zaffaria that are part of a completed trilogy. A very popular book on Astrology read by 12,000 people due to knowledge of personality psychology. A successful poem book read by over a thousand people.


Public Rhetoric Project – Psychiatry

An analysis of publics and counter-publics of Psychiatry in order to critically look at the way we talk about mental health and to decrease the stigma of those with mental disorders.


Teaching Writing to Students with Special Needs and Mental Illness

Based on Margaret Price’s Mad at School



Information on mental health, feminism and dating.


Quora Questions on Mental Health

Experience with psychiatric drugs and mental health treatment that I use to help others make inferences about where they are going and know that there is no one wrong way to mental health wellness.


13850 Hopewell Road

Milton, Georgia

678 596 9690


​                  Good with kids

​                  Knows major literature

​                  Skilled at Composition

​                  Has written stories and poems

​                  Social media knowledge

​                  Understands Microsoft Word applications

​                  Typing


​                  LANGUAGES

Spanish, Mandarin Chinese (Pinyin), English

Basically, there is not much I can do about my resume. I would like for it to say more than it does about my “commitment to education”, but I think a good indicator would be me going out and trying different jobs rather than deciding I want to be a teacher at 22 without having tried other jobs. I do believe that the format is right though. You want to list as much of your work experience as possible, and as a teacher you want to have as much teaching experience and projects to demonstrate that you can. Unfortunately, my lack of ability to refine my resume is up to just having a lack of experience. As I work more, I hope to add more to my resume.


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